Reliable and Fast service

As a proficient logistics company, we know the importance of time & level of trust of our customers on us. Thus we always strive to provide our customers fast & reliable freight services so that they always remain on top with the fast pace of market.


Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Everett group provides wide range of temperature controlled warehousing solutions. We enforce effective   monitoring and maintaining of specific low temperature environments in which to store a variety of frozen food products.


24/7 Customer Service Portal

Building long lasting relationships with customers with complete end to end communication is the main pivotal force to establish potential business structure in the market. Hence maintaining smooth and friendly communication path 24/7 with our valued clients is one of the top priorities of our customer support department.


Cost Effective Service

Unlike other freight services in the market, the sole motive of Everett group is to deliver fast and secure transport services with least cost effective solutions. Hence we provide the best logistics service with market-least & minimal cost solutions.